Davinci Resolve Is Perfect For Teamwork

In creating the perfect workflow for your artistic endeavors, you may find that being able to easily share with a team is ideal. You may be working on one project in a group, and many types of software simply don't allow for streamlined sharing of ideas and production. This is where DaVinci Resolve 12 comes in, offering teamwork benefits users can enjoy at any time.

Several People Can Work on DaVinci Resolve Projects at Once

One of the benefits of DaVinci Resolve software is that it allows for a team to perform post-production on the same project, all at once. There is no need for an editor to completely cut a video before sound, color, and other departments can begin their work. It is so much easier to manage changes to a project with the right software. Parallel work is a possibility, allowing for utmost creativity. This type of software actually allows multiple users to log in at once, which makes it so easy to synchronize.

DaVinci Resolve Saves Projects Easily

If you are looking for a project workflow system that allows for consistent collaboration and saving of materials, DaVinci is a solid choice. The software allows for changes to be stored easily as part of a dedicated system. When the software is set up, there is no need to constantly manually save edits for fear that the system will crash.

Additionally, the software makes it easy to lock bins and use timelines for protecting edits. The work that one editor does will not overwrite your work. You can easily make a timeline "read only" to ensure that it is not overwritten with other data. You can then unlock the piece to save it.

DaVinci Resolve Allow for Open Storage

This software allows you to establish the storage system of your choice. This means that you do not need to find an IT department to set up a new system that is compatible with the program, nor do you need to waste money on an expensive storage setup. Shared storage is simple with DaVinci Resolve.

DaVinci Resolve Offers an Integrated Chat System

With DaVinci software, you have a built-in chat system that allows you to connect with your team members instantly. Real-time discussion about the project can occur even while you are in a different room than your teammates. You can ask questions and inquire about certain editing choices easily.

With the right post-production equipment and software, your team can efficiently create works of art that are ready to be seen by the rest of the world.