3 Features That Make Custom Tile Mural Projects Last For Years

When doing any type of outdoor project, you have to consider the elements of the outdoors. The last thing you want to worry about is installing outdoor custom tile murals only to have them destroyed within a short amount of time. Thankfully, custom tile murals include features that make them ideal for outdoor installation.

Not only will the durability of the tiles last for years, but you can confidently install the art pieces with minimal maintenance needs. Check out some of the features that make tile murals an ideal outdoor display piece.

1. Frost Resistant

During the cold months of the year, you do not want to worry about overnight frost having an impact on art pieces. On other materials, frost can cause objects to chip, crack, or freeze over. With tile installations, you do not need to worry about chipping or cracking. The tiles can withstand extreme temperatures.

After a big snow storm, you can simply brush the snow off and the tile will remain in the same condition. Paint will not wear away and the cold temperatures will not cause tiles to fall off or become displaced.

2. Fade Resistant

UV light can dramatically change the colors and appearance of paints and outdoor applications. You will often see faded store banners, flags, and other accessories due to UV light exposure. Due to the specific paint and protective layers on tile murals, you do not need to worry about the impact of UV light.

Your tile installation will remain fade resistant and can help ensure you do not need replace the tiles in the future. Years down the line, the tiles will remain vibrant and clear.

3. Chemical Durability

In some cases, you may find your tile mural has become the target of graffiti. While graffiti itself is frustrating, you can find a lot of easy ways to remove the paint and ensure the tiles do not become damaged underneath. The tile installation will have a lot of chemical durability, allowing you to use a wide range of cleaning products to get rid of graffiti.

Along with the unwanted paint, cleaning products can also help you remove any dirt or grime build-up over the years. You do not need to worry about the chemicals causing any damage to the tiles or removing any of the artwork. The protective layer will resist the cleaning products and help make the tiles look brand-new again.

Keep these features in mind when you plan to order an outdoor custom tile mural for your business or personal property.

For more information about custom tile mural projects, contact a local company.