7 Gift Ideas for the Artist in Your Life

If you have a friend or family member who loves to paint and create unique pieces of artwork, you shouldn't have any trouble finding them an affordable and useful gift regardless of your budget. Check out these gift ideas for the artist in your life.

#1: A Personalized Painter's Palette

If your loved one likes to paint, get them a personalized painter's pallet. You can get a pallet personalized with their name or the name of their studio or business. This is a great way to provide the painter in your life a unique, but functional gift they will actually use.

#2: Acrylic Painting Kit

One can never have enough paint. Anyone who paints on a regular basis knows that you are always running out of paint. If your loved one likes to work with acrylic paint, consider getting them an acrylic painting kit, which will contain a number of different supplies. 

To ensure you are getting them a useful present, purchase a paint kit with different paint colors, so they can enjoy some unique paint colors that they might not otherwise access.

#3: Leather Sketchbook

Almost all artists have a sketchbook where they jot down their ideas or create high-quality sketches. A leather sketchbook holder is a high-quality gift that will keep their sketchbook organized. It also has storage space for one's pencils and pens, making them easy to access.

A leather sketchbook holder makes it easy to carry around one's sketchbook and supplies without getting them damaged and is a gift any artist would enjoy.

#4: Silicone Spatulas and Blenders

Artist spatulas and blenders are used for both mixing and applying paint to a canvas. Silicone spatulas and blenders are a great choice because they are easy to clean, and therefore easy to use frequently.

#5: Brush Cleaner

If one doesn't properly clean their brushes after painting, it is easy to lose valuable brushes. A brush cleaner makes removing paint from nice brushes much easier. You can purchase an all-natural brush cleaner with an appealing scent to allow your artistic friend to get more usage out of their favorite paint brushes.

#6: Customized Apron

Painting can often be messy work. A customized apron will allow your artistic friend to stay clean when painting or doing other artistic endeavors. A personalized apron is excellent because you can easily personalize the gift, choosing a pattern or print that reflects your friend's interests.

For example, if your friend loves art and football, you could get them an apron with footballs printed all over it. Or if they are really into anime, you could give them an apron with an anime print on it.

#7: Drawing and Tracing Lightbox

Another great gift idea is a lightbox. With a lightbox, one can quickly put down an old design and sketch it onto a new piece of paper. It is a handy and unique tool that many artists don't have.

When it comes to any artistic friends in your life, there are lots of great gifts you can give them, from an acrylic paint kit to a brush cleaner or custom apron. Learn about the type of artwork they do and find a gift that fits their needs.