How Controlled Fine Art Storage Can Preserve Your Precious Artworks

If you have any fine art pieces that you want to store, there are controlled fine art storage solutions that can help keep your artworks intact and safe from damage. Controlled fine art storage units are available for rent and can help safeguard different art pieces and maintain the look and quality of each piece so that they'll look their best when you're ready to display them again. Here are some key ways that controlled fine art storage can preserve your precious artworks.

Protection Against Temperature Damage

Extreme hot and cold temperatures can have damaging effects on artworks. The paint that was used to create many of these works can smudge or melt, and the canvasses on which they are painted can also become warped from extreme heat or drastic temperature fluctuations. Controlled fine art storage can save your precious artworks from these damaging effects by regulating temperatures and preventing exposure to intense heat or cold.

Shielding From Bright Light

Bright light can also diminish fine artworks by fading their colors or leaving unattractive markings on their canvasses. Your art pieces won't be exposed to intense light from the sun or light fixtures when they are kept in one of the controlled fine art storage units that you can rent.

No Exposure to Moisture

Moisture can also cause irreparable damage to fine artworks, and you can be sure that your pieces will be stored in a dry environment when you keep them in a controlled storage unit. Moisture from condensation can form on your art pieces and ruin their paint and canvasses if they're stored in a unit that isn't climate-controlled. The temperature and humidity are monitored carefully inside controlled fine art storage units to prevent any water formation that could damage the art. 

Better Theft Prevention

The best controlled fine art storage units are secured sufficiently to prevent theft. Many of these units are monitored by surveillance cameras and have burglar alarms in place to stop any thieves who might try to steal the pieces. You may also be able to reserve a unit that allows you to use your own personal lock that has a key that you can keep or a code that only you will know.

You can make your precious artworks last longer by keeping them in a controlled fine art storage unit when they're not being displayed. Controlled fine art storage facilities have everything that's needed in every unit to maintain each piece that's being stored.