Common Themes In Farm Animal Comics

If you have an interest in farming, perhaps because you grew up on a farm or maybe because you worked on a farm as a young adult, you might enjoy acquiring various farm-related items for your home. There are all sorts of products that may appeal to you, but an option to consider is comic strips that depict farm animals. You can find these humorous creations online from various sellers, and they tend to offer a lighthearted look at the life of farm animals. These comics vary from artist to artist, but here are some common themes that you'll often find.

New Animals

One fun theme that you'll often find in farm animal comic strips pertains to the arrival of new animals to the farmyard. In these comic strips, the animals talk and have personalities. This means that when a new animal arrives, hijinks are bound to ensue. Just like a child arriving at a new school, the new animal might initially have trouble fitting into the farmyard and finding its place with its new peers. These comics will detail the goings-on as the new animal works to become a trusted member of the farmyard.

Interactions With Humans

Another popular theme that is prevalent in comics that focuses on farm animals focuses on the interactions between the animals and the farmer and their family. You might see funny tales about dairy cows attempting to evade the farmer when it's time for the farmer to milk the cows, or muddy pigs making a mess on the clothing of the farmer's children before church. Even if the animals and the farmer largely get along in the comic world, there will be times that they get on each other's nerves and create hilarious situations.


Even though farm animal comics typically have a lighthearted theme, you'll occasionally see stories about threats to the animals. These tales generally keep a light tone and tend to have a happy ending, making them suitable for anyone to read. For example, you might read about a flock of chickens that must be vigilant when they hear about a fox scouring the area. The fox will likely make some appearances at night around the chicken coop, prompting the chickens to work together to stay safe. In some instances, the chickens will benefit from intervention from the farmer. To find a farm animal comic strip, look on the internet or at a local store.