3 Types Of Collectibles Ideal For Humidity Controlled Self Storage

Heat and humidity can cause a lot of damage to artwork. With the use of humidity-controlled self-storage, you can protect your collectibles from damage. The storage units offer ideal space and protection for artwork, but you can take advantage of the units for other kinds of collectibles.

Check out three types of collectibles to use with humidity-controlled self-storage. The storage units come with multiple benefits tied to each one.

1. Mint In Package Action Figures & Dolls

If you like to collect toys and action figures, the packaging the figures come in could be just as important as the figure itself. Often designed with thin cardboard, high humidity could cause the action figures' packages to warp and bend. Cardboard could naturally curve and warp on the edges.

Plastic bubbles on the outside of the package could warp in high heat and humidity as well. In some cases, the humidity could cause the glue on packages to loosen. The whole package could fall apart and the mint figure could become exposed to the air.

2. Movie Media

Movie purchases have transformed from ways to watch movies to ways to collect memorabilia from your favorite films. If you enjoy collecting mint VHS tapes, DVDs, or Blu-Rays, then you can protect those pieces with humidity control storage solutions.

Exposure to high humidity can impact the case a movie comes in. A storage unit will also supply minimal UV light exposure. Excess UV lights can cause colors to fade on movie cases and result in poorer quality. A lot of humidity can also cause movies to not play correctly. The humidity could impact the way a DVD plays and result in poor VHS quality.

3. Children's School Work

The collectibles you put in storage may have a lot more personal value than worldwide value. As your children grow up, you may decide to save special pieces of artwork or creations like pottery. The school work can remain in mint condition with humidity-controlled storage options. Years later, you can pull the pieces of art out of storage and enjoy them.

If you keep them in an attic or closet, humidity can change the quality of the paper, cause corners to bend, and diminish the overall quality of their work.

Look for storage units with enough space to fully hold all of your collectibles. Plan out everything you want to place in storage and then pick the most ideal size for your storage needs.