3 Signs You Should Take Ballet Classes As An Adult

When you think about ballet classes, you might think about young men and women learning all of the positions. However, it's never too late to enroll in a dance class, even if you're an adult who is a total beginner. These are a few signs that you should consider taking ballet classes as an adult. 1. You're Looking for a Fun Way to Exercise Even though hitting the treadmill at the gym might be a good way to burn calories and build up endurance, it can become quite boring. [Read More]

Davinci Resolve Is Perfect For Teamwork

In creating the perfect workflow for your artistic endeavors, you may find that being able to easily share with a team is ideal. You may be working on one project in a group, and many types of software simply don't allow for streamlined sharing of ideas and production. This is where DaVinci Resolve 12 comes in, offering teamwork benefits users can enjoy at any time. Several People Can Work on DaVinci Resolve Projects at Once [Read More]